Respected Media Persons:

We, ancient natives of Indus valley of Sindh and belongs to Menghwar, Bheel, Kolhi, Odd and other Hindu communities, Strongly condemn and protest against the human-split action of Punjab based NGO called “PUNJAB LOK SUJAG”

Recently during election 2013 Punjab Lok Sujag has reports about every district of sindh, in which we the ancient and indigenous Hindu communities (which are mentioned has scheduled castes¬† ) separated from Hindu Population. Same time report mention our communities as lower and other. We are asking them and others whole civil society as well that “How any one can declare any community¬† as lower or upper” and who one has been given a right to any person or organization to stamp any community as lower then others. This parctice is vibrantly going on in our country especially in sindh province. We all Hindu communities appeal to international donors please stop funding to any NGO in pakisan in the name of upper or lower castes.

We also request to chief Justice of Pakistan to take Sou moto action against this practice as it is the openly against the universal Human Rights Declaration.

We also announce to file a petition in supreme Court to stop this practice to declare any human as lower than other human.